The Inspiration to Get Started August 24, 2014 14:32

I moved to NC almost ten years ago. One of the first people I met was a neighbor's daughter named Kelly Shiley.  She was very kind and invited me to do different things with her and her children and friends. At the time I had two infants and was pretty overwhelmed. I would see her from time to time but never really realized what a pivotal part she would play in my future business.

Fast forward to a July 4th week family beach vacation. Sitting poolside, I told Kelly about my idea for Trendy Girl and asked what she thought. Did she think I could even do it? Not only did she give me such inspiration but shared her business ideas and was willing to help me along the way. She really has become such an amazing mentor and friend. Never underestimate the impact a mentor can have.

Kelly has a thriving business called Mary Square. Mary Square has a fantastic assortment of Inspirational gifts and accessories. Check it out at



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